Axure eCommerce Mobile App Wireframe

Axure eCommerce Mobile App Wireframe

We are happy to announce that we are now giving away our most popular Axure eCommerce Mobile App Wireframe for free. 

We have meticulously created this Axure wireframe pack after deep market study and based on the inputs from a lot of our users.

The Axure eCommerce Mobile App Wireframe kit can be used with any type of eCommerce requirement. We are offering a lot of generic screens with this wireframe kit. 

The Axure eCommerce Mobile App Wireframe pack consists of the following screens

  1. Home Screen
  2. Login
  3. Sign Up
  4. My Account
  5. My Orders
  6. Product Listing 
  7. Product Details
  8. Shopping Cart
  9. Guest Checkout
  10. Payment Mode selection
  11. Wallet Payment
  12. Redeem Gift Card
  13. Offers
  14. Contact Us
  15. Notifications
  16. Live Chat
  17. Terms of Service
  18. Favorites
  19. My Addresses
  20. Create New Address
  21. Checkout
  22. Review
  23. My Payments
  24. Manage Profile
  25. Menu
free axure ecommerce template

The Axure eCommerce App wireframe kit is by far the most comprehensive and sophisticated kit that is available in the market for free. 

The free eCommerce wireframe template is fully compatible with Axure 8 and above

You can take a look at all the available screens here as well.

This wireframe kit is platform agnostic and can be used for both Android and iPhone platforms.

The wireframe template can be downloaded and customized as per your needs. It is fully customizable. 

This wireframe template is completely free and can be used as-is or modified and used. Our goal is to provide as many free components as we can to help the community and bridge the gap between the requirements and designs.

If you would like any customizations done to any existing wireframes, please feel free to get in touch here. Our rates are extremely affordable.

Also, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other custom requirements here

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