Why should you create Wireframes?

For a solid backbone of any good product, wireframing is one of the foremost and most important design activity. A lot of the times, people involved with product management thing wireframing is a waste of time and ask why should you create wireframes?
Wireframes will allow the teams to answer important questions about process flow, layouts, navigation, visual hierarchy, and content priority from the initial phase. Let’s take a look at why should you create wireframes.

“Wireframes serve as a blueprint for any product design.”

blueprint wireframe
Wireframe are blueprints for products

It doesn’t matter if you’re building the next hot startup or a mobile application, or a large ERP, wireframes are invaluable in keeping everyone on the same page – it is not only helpful to designers but also plays a crucial role for product managers and engineers in establishing a roadmap for complete user experience.

Wireframes or mockups are perfect first steps especially in agile startups and enterprises, where things get changed really quickly to accommodate the collaborative and iterative nature of project design and development.

5 Key Benefits of Wireframes:

  1. Navigation Clarity: Well-constructed navigation is essential for usability and it’s very crucial to get it right.  Wireframes are the first step in creating a visual sitemap of your product.  They take an abstract flow chart and turn it into something measurable /tangible.
  2. Visual Hierarchy: When visual structure of the content is well designed it becomes intuitive for your users to discover the information they are looking for in order to complete their objectives.
  3. Early Feedback: Starting out with good wireframes and sharing them at the early stages of Project provides an opportunity for testing, analyzing, and refining the requirements for any product. Sharing wireframes with all project stakeholders will help to reach a shared understanding and will provide better clarity/visibility for the work.
  4. Derive Better User Experience: When you are looking at complete design with colorful blocks it’s easy to get lost into the colors, gradients or the font-sizes. But when you look at wireframe’s it lets you focus on the user experience of the product.
  5. Clarity for all Team Members: Close and effective collaboration between designers and development team members is essential for successful project delivery.  Wireframes provide visual clarity for functional requirements and bring everyone on shared understanding.
paper wireframes
Clarity is given by wireframes


Wireframes are essential and an integral part of any project development process. One will never build a car without a blueprint or a sketch to look at. Any time invested in designing a well-structured wireframe will contribute to the success of a project in many ways.

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