Wireframe vs Prototype: A comparison

It has now been years that industry experts have been torn between making the choice of which way is more beneficial for a Product success, Wireframe vs Prototype is the question they keep asking.

Many industry experts claim that Prototypes is the best way to define a product’s structure and there are some who believe wireframes are a more streamlined way to get started.

Today we are addressing this debate and explaining the importance of both the Process. 

Wireframe vs Prototype

wireframe versus prototypes

What are wireframes?

“Wireframes are low fidelity mockups to show user interface flow.”

Wireframes are a simple way to showcase whole projects’ s user flow. The thumb role for any wireframe is to be simple, clean and focus only on functional flow. Wireframes serve as a base line to convey overall navigation and description for user interface. Wireframes are often low to medium fidelity.

wireframe vs prototype comparison

What are prototypes?

“Prototypes are high fidelity version with more focus on Products look and feel.”

Prototypes are a polished and colorful version of simple wireframes with main focus on the product’s interface and interactions. Unlike Wireframes, prototypes are medium to high fidelity. Prototypes allow stakeholders to evaluate the product’s look and feel which in turn will help them ensure easy understanding during the development phase. They provide greater level of confidence to the stakeholders as to how the app or product will look.  However, they take more time to create and it can be a risk if the product changes going forward.

What is a prototype?


Both wireframes and prototypes serve distinct purposes in the project lifecycle. Comparing and choosing anyone is not a viable option. However, the decision has to be made and it is mostly dependent on a lot of factors. We hope you have now some idea about Wireframe versus prototypes and when to use which.

“Wireframe serves as a skeleton for your product and prototype is more of a visual skin for your product.”

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