Five key differentiating factors between UI and UX

ui and ux

So let’s get one thing straight before we take dip dive into this whole UI/UX war – UI and UX are two completely different monsters and have their individual character and roles to play in whole Design Lifecycle. 

Now how do you identify their individual roles and significance while creating a design ? 

Which factors or elements are part of UI and which are part of UX ? 

Which one is defined when ?

So in today’s post I will be trying to dissect the above questions and help you understand the differentiating factors between UI and UX.  

Factor 1 : UI is not UX

User Interface Design = Visuals + Interactions

User interface design defines the visual aspects of interfaces and focuses more on look and feel.

“When someone clicks a button on the screen, does the button change in a noticeable way so they know they’ve been successful?”

User interface design needs to answer this question. 

User experience design focuses on identifying user needs and solutions to the pain points.UX design needs to make sure business model and value propositions have been met and then product is built.

Factor 2 : UI is implemented across interfaces vs. UX is implemented across Product,Interface and Services 

User Interface designs focuses on what is user’s see and can feel.It necessarily means Interfaces but are not just about graphics for App or website. UI design is also for other products like cars,vending machines, automated disposals,etc.

Whereas UX design is on broader level and is also not restricted to just websites or apps. Any product or service division can make use of UX principles to understand their audience and their needs better.

Factor 3: UI establishes connections , UX helps user achieve end goal 

User Interface design will establish a connect through visual elements with system users. Users are drawn to your website or application because of the attractive designs and a good design helps to increase the amount of time someone spends on your website/application. 

And once a user can connect to the design, they are hooked!Before user can appreciate the service or functionality of any system they have to ‘get’ it just by the visual appearance. 

UX design will look on the other end of the spectrum , it will focus on a problem like how will a 60 year old person will be able to view information or if interface is simple enough for users who are not well versed with tech. What all needs to be changed in order to fix this problem ? this what need to be discussed and required to figure out. 

Factor 4: UI makes Interfaces Beautiful , UX makes Interfaces Usable

By now I believe we are almost certain about what UI/UX is and who does what. 

UI designers will be helping users understand where the flow is going through the visual elements and guide them on next actions to be done ,what to do  and where to go next. 

UX will define the hierarchy of the flow and define actions and goals for each screen. UX designers to make sure that the hierarchy that they design has one main action define for each function/flow , so it easy for user to figure it out. 

Factor 5 : UI First vs. UX First Approach

So who starts the work first or how UI/UI fits in the whole process?

Most of the times UX designers will start their research work and define the whole flow and ten teh UI designers will pick it up and add visual elements. 

However this is not the case every time and is not straight forward. There can be many factors defining the choice. 

Key Takeaways

ui versus ux

It is not possible to completely dissect UI/UX as both go hand in hand. 

But by now we are certain about a few things :

  1. UX focuses on solving problems and flaws across platform/service. 
  1. UI focuses on creating aesthetica which are appealing at human level.

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this simple comparison and now you know a few simple differentiations between UI and UX.

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